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A first of its kind for Performance Enhancement Lifestyle Bars!

The 1044PRO Bar is a one of a kind, first to market “all inclusive”, performance enhancing lifestyle bar with anti-aging, detox, immune booster and electrolytes with proven Karbolyn® technology, invented for 1044PRO by Dr. Jeff Golini, Founder of All American Pharmaceuticals.

Karbolyn® represents the dawn of a new era of carbohydrate supplementation, this fast-acting, long-lasting, high-performance compound offers immediate results, giving simple carbohydrates the ability to enter the bloodstream quickly giving you instant energy!


TEAM 1044 PRO:

A natural athlete, McGuffin grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington, in a family that was into wrestling in a huge way, as his father was a high school
wrestling coach. While wrestling was his main sport growing up, he found tennis at a later age and took up the game competitively at the junior college
level after passing up on a wrestling scholarship. While continuing to play competitively, McGuffin eventually became a tennis instructor, before being
introduced to the sport of Pickleball at a local YMCA. While initially struggling with the fast-paced game, he eventually parlayed his tennis skills into
becoming a competitive player. While new to the sport, McGuffin turned turned pro within 6 months of playing, and his success was immediate as he was
able to take bronze at TOC and silver at the USAPA Nationals in men's open singles his 1st year of turning pro.


"Tyson is just as much a
Federer, Djokovic,
Nadal... He's one of those
guys of pickleball."

One of the top-ranked pickleball players in the world, Kyle first picked up a paddle in high school.
Since then he’s gone on to win 12 Major Professional titles and alongside 1044PRO, inspire a new generation of players.


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